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With Florencia GARCIA and Jérémy BRAITBART


Why take a private Tango lesson?

  • to Pass a course in your dance.  Do you feel that you are no longer making progress in your dance? Do you need clarification?

  • to Work on certain types of sequences.  You want to explore a particular concept or figure.

  • to Find a particular "tuning" with your partner

  • to work specifically on stage Tango, to learn or improve

  • to Prepare a Choreography for an important event for you (Demonstration, Dance of  Wedding, Evjf, ...)

  • Because your schedule does not allow you to attend group classes regularly.

What is a private lesson exactly?

A private Tango lesson is above all a moment for yourself...

A moment of work, precision, sometimes introspection, but it is above all a moment of pleasure.

Do you want to review the fundamentals? Or work on your posture? Or venture into complex sequences while being sure to find the keys? Or go more precisely in a physical work specific to tango? Or build together a choreography that suits you? The teacher is there to answer your requests and guide you towards what seems appropriate to him at the stage where you are in your dance.

There is no classic process since the idea is really to adapt to each individual according to their request and what we observe at the time.


1H, 1H30 OR 2H...

For a couple or a single person.

It is up to you to set the Duration according to your needs.

With one or two teachers .


  • In a Dance Studio   that we reserve for you in Paris, Montreuil or Vincennes

  • At home if space permits

  • On your premises if space permits


We will define an appointment together according to our availability .

We are available during the day or in the evening


​ Each request being specific, we set the price after having discussed it with you.

The price is different depending on:

1. From the course location .

_In Studio


2. Number of Professors .

_1 teacher

_2 teachers

3. Request.

_ Private lessons to advance in your Tango

_Stage Tango (Tango Escenario)

_Choreography for a Wedding

_Choreography for a Show​


  • Packages

We offer Packages from   10 consecutive weekly lessons. For more details do not hesitate to write to us or call us.



Tel:  06 61 72 79 98

Thank you for what you sent !

Réserver un Cours Particulier
Jérémy Braitbart - Professeur de Tango.jpg


These classes are led by  Florencia Garcia and Jérémy Braitbart , two dancers recognized in the Argentine Tango community as much for their dance as for their pedagogy .

Florencia Garcia - Professeure de Tango_edited.jpg


Argentine Tango is a popular, urban and improvised dance.

It was invented by "normal" people, not by dancers! People who wanted to walk together and feel the music together through a real embrace called the Abrazo.

Which means that it is for everyone, that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size, build, dance experience and emotional state at the time. That anyone can come without predisposition, particular qualification or prior knowledge. That it is aimed at all generations and all personalities.

It is therefore essential for us that in learning this dance everyone can feel comfortable and welcome. For this we offer simple body images and approaches so that everyone has access to Tango and that it is done in the pleasure of new sensations. We avoid making it too technical a dance.

We bring our students to Tango through its music, its dance and the Argentine culture, always evoking the ball (the milonga) and its "codes".

It seems fundamental to us that our students know the basic sequences of Argentine Tango and that they know how to improvise with these elements instead of reproducing useless choreographies that are generally impossible to place at a ball.

According to us Tango is like a language. It can be practiced with little vocabulary at the start. Then over time we learn the conjugations and the accent of this language as well as its identity and its own expressions.

In our bodily approach we use our in-depth knowledge of anatomy: Florencia was trained in the anatomy of the human body and Jérémy studied as a Masso-Physiotherapist.

But we place particular emphasis on the sensations to be explored and that we have developed in the ball over the years and in our different practices. Florencia is a certified yoga teacher and Jérémy is a former gymnast.

We try to bring our students to rediscover their own walk, to remain themselves in front of the other and to seek above all the pleasure of dancing .

In our teaching we talk about anchoring, connection, posture, embrace among other concepts.


The course generally consists of technical work relevant to the topic addressed, then work on a sequence. We then develop different possibilities of improvisation from the sequence. Finally, a time is given to the practice of the sequence by integrating it into the improvisation of the dance in ballroom conditions.

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