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A Couple of Tango Dancers , Choreographers and Argentine Tango Teachers

Argentine Tango Choreographers and Teachers

Florencia Garcia - Tango Teacher_edited.jpg

Florence GARCIA

Florencia Garcia was born in Buenos Aires. She grew up in a family of artists and began dancing tango in 1998 in Paris. She follows   for years theater and contemporary dance classes.

  After studying fine arts, she pursued studies in literature and theater.

In 2003 she left for Argentina to train professionally with the great maestros. On her return to France she began to teach for various associations in Paris and in the provinces.

She follows in parallel different training related to movement (Osteo-dance, dance pedagogy, etc.)

      She organizes her tango ball "Le Colectivo" from 2005 by creating a cultural bridge with the city of Buenos Aires , it welcomes internationally renowned musicians and dancers.
    With her first partner, René Bui, she is regularly invited to perform on stage for various festivals in France and abroad (Vietnam, Philippines , Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Italy).

On stage, she represents in 2009 the Tango during the day of the dance at Unesco. She also had the chance to dance on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet with Jean-François ZIEGEL and at the Opéra de Rouen. In the show Buenos Aires Mi amor which occurs in France she dances and choreographs.

She teaches in Paris, Vincennes and intervened very regularly in Orléans, Caen, Amiens, and other provincial towns. (Arcachon, Honfleur, La Plagne).

She is also called upon as a coach for various artists on television sets, series (Do not do this, do not do that, ...) and film shoots.
      On the other hand, she trained in Yoga and followed a certified Yoga Teacher training. which allows him today to offer Yoga classes but also to develop a bridge between Tango and Yoga in his teaching.

Jérémy Braitbart - Tango Teacher_edited.png


Jérémy Braitbart was first only an actor for 10 years. After studying as a physiotherapist and a past as a gymnast, he entered the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Paris where he trained in dramatic art.
    He then plays regularly in the theater both in the classical and contemporary repertoire as well as in the cinema or on television.
    During a shoot, he encountered Argentine Tango while interpreting a dancer for a detective series. Very quickly fascinated by this dance, he left to train in Argentina with great maestros. On his return he was called upon to work regularly as a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Argentine tango, participating in workshops, shows (De Otoño, Larage de Dom Juan, Terra Tango, Ivresse Tango, Tangible), long -features and commercials (Tudor). This always in parallel with his acting activity.
   He directs La Compagnie Le Regard se Pose with which he creates the show "Errances en retour", a work mixing theater and Argentine tango, for which he signs the writing, directing and choreography.

  He has been teaching Argentine tango for many years within the framework of important associations. whether in Orléans, Tours, Blois, Montargis, Rennes, Le Havre, Caen or Brussels.
He is regularly requested in France for Masterclass 

He left to work in 2008 in London for a show in the West End.

He works regularly on stage with the Tanguisimo and Tanguarda Orchestras in France and abroad. He danced for the Argentine National Day at the Casino de Paris and at the Arènes de Lutèce.
    He appeared alongside Fauve Hautot in the Plaza Francia group clip (Ex-Gotan Project).

He plays as an actor and dancer in the show Noces de Sang on tour in France.
Jérémy is also one of the organizers of the milonga La Dolce Vita, a tango ball recognized in Paris and abroad.


Florencia and Jérémy met more than 20 years ago when Florencia started dancing Tango. They now form a Couple of Tango Dancers . It was she who introduced him to this dance.

They separate then… meet again 10 years later! But it wasn't until 2017 that they started dancing together.

Since then they have been called upon for various festivals (Arras, Menton, etc.), they are called upon to dance and choreograph advertisements (Nespresso, l'Etoile, etc.).

In 2018 they danced and choreographed Vincent Niclo's clip "La Cumparsita" and performed on television on TF1 and France 2, notably for the Téléthon.

They then go on tour with the Caliente Quartet, particularly in the West Indies just before the Covid crisis in February 2020.

In May 2021 they shoot for the photographer Flore her first film "Cet Amour-là" for the Planche Contact Festival in Deauville.

In July 2021 they have the chance to return directly to the stage for the Tango Neruda show at the Avignon Festival and on tour.


They perform together at various events for the brands DIOR, PIAGET, NIVEA, ELLE Magazine, GALERIES LAFAYETTE, RENAULT TRUCKS, HIPPODROME DE DEAUVILLE among others.

Florencia GARCIA et Jérémy BRAITBART Un Couple de Danseurs de Tango Argentin
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