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Tango for your wedding

You will soon be getting married and you want to add a touch of elegance and sensuality to this event...

Are you looking for a dance for the Opening of your Wedding Ball? Argentine Tango is the wedding dance for you!!!

"Tango & You" prepares for you a Tailor-Made Choreography   for the Opening of your Wedding Ball.

To add a moment of magic to your evening we also offer Tango Animations:  Demonstration and/or an Initiation to Argentine Tango for your guests.

Know that we offer these  same animations for your Bachelorette Party (EVJF).

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or for any request for information.


Tango Choreography for your Wedding

Depending on the time you have, your availability and your skills, we will build together a choreography that suits you and in which you will feel comfortable.
A first time will be allocated to the construction of the choreography, in a second time we will repeat the choreography so that it becomes fluid and that it is well memorized. And finally we will work on the details that will make the charm of your dance.


Introduction to Tango for your event

During your evening we invite you to offer your guests an Initiation to Argentine Tango.
During this animation our Tango teachers will make you discover this dance and its universe.
You will learn in 1 hour to take your first Tango steps . You can start improvising to the music with your partner and share the track with the other couples present.

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