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Offer Tango...

You are looking to offer an original Gift ... Offer Dance! Offer a Private Lesson or an Initiation to Argentine Tango !!!

For a birthday gift, a wedding gift, an event, for a Christmas gift...

With a teacher or a couple of teachers, for one person or a couple.

Each gift is a special gem, do not hesitate to detail your wish in your Request for Quote.

Following the purchase of your Gift, we will give you a Gift Ticket to give to the person of your choice. Below is an example of a Gift Ticket.

Specimen Tango Introduction Gift Ticket


Introduction to Tango

Our Tango teachers will introduce you to this dance and its elegant and sensual universe.
You will learn in 1 hour to take your first Tango steps. You can start improvising to the music with your partner.
And we hope it makes you want to keep dancing at the Tango balls.


Private Tango lessons

You already dance the Tango...
A private lesson  is a moment for yourself!
A moment of pleasure at the same time as a moment of work, precision and introspection.
Review the fundamentals, work on your posture, venture into complex sequences, get into physical work specific to tango...
The teacher is there to answer your requests and guide you towards what seems judicious to him at the stage where you are.
A private lesson is generally 1 hour, but depending on demand it can be 1h30 or 2h.

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