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Welcome to TANGO & VOUS, our priority is to make you good ballroom dancers, "milongueros"! Our warm environment and experienced team encourage creativity and artistic development to advance our dancers. To discover our courses and register, contact us today.

We can't wait to introduce you to our Tango lessons in Paris and introduce you to the world of Tango .




Espas DANSE Studio

24 Villa Riberolle

75020 PARIS

Metro (L2) Alexandre Dumas


Thursday evening

8:30 p.m.-9:45 p.m.


9:45 p.m.-11 p.m.

Intermediate and Advanced


Normal/Reduced Rate ( Student, unemployed, intermittent workers) :

_Individually: €17/€14

_Card 10 classes over 3 months: €150/ 125


_Annual Package - 1 course: €480/€410

_Annual Package - 2 courses: €755/€655

Payment in several installments possible.


Payment method accepted:

Credit card, check, cash, sports coupon


Our lessons take place every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. for Beginners and at 9:45 p.m. for Intermediates.

Trial lessons are offered throughout the month of September and are free for beginners.

These classes are led by  Florencia Garcia and Jérémy Braitbart , two dancers recognized in the Argentine Tango community as much for their dance as for their pedagogy .

You can have 10 class cards or Annual Packages.

The  BEGINNER 1 and 2  Tango class is for people who want to start dancing Argentine Tango. No need to have basic dance or rhythm. After an Introduction to Tango we will work on learning the basics, improvisation, connection, walking and musicality. The lessons will integrate the notions of the ball (Milonga) so that you can quickly go dancing on the slopes of Paris or elsewhere!

The INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED Tango class   is for people who have at least one year of Tango and who have acquired the basics. We will work on more precise bodily notions, learning new figures as well as improvisation from basic figures.

For those who go out in milonga or who have the project, who have acquired the basics and have a good knowledge of the vocabulary of Tango, we will work on more complex figures to be able to be comfortable in all circumstances in milonga.

We regularly offer Tango Initiations to allow a new audience to get to know Tango and its Universe.

We give these Tango lessons in Paris but know that we also organize Tango classes in Vincennes .

And if you are "bitten" we offer Monthly Wokshops, Private Lessons as well as Tango Vacations .

Cours de Tango à Paris

The Studio in Paris


We are happy to give our lessons at  the Espas  DANSE Studio, un  beautiful studio near the Alexandre Dumas metro station. 120m2, 4m50 high ceilings, bright, airy, on the ground floor, in a poetic location at the back of Villa Riberolle, a charming Parisian cobbled passage. Everything we love!  

Cours de Tango Paris Florencia et Jeremy 3.jpeg.webp
Jérémy Braitbart - Professeur de Tango.jpg


These classes are led by  Florencia Garcia and Jérémy Braitbart , two dancers recognized in the Argentine Tango community as much for their dance as for their pedagogy .

Florencia Garcia - Professeure de Tango_edited.jpg


Argentine Tango is a popular, urban and improvised dance.

It was invented by "normal" people, not by dancers! People who wanted to walk together and feel the music together through a real embrace called the Abrazo.

Which means that it is for everyone, that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size, build, dance experience and emotional state at the time. That anyone can come without predisposition, particular qualification or prior knowledge. That it is aimed at all generations and all personalities.

It is therefore essential for us that in learning this dance everyone can feel comfortable and welcome. For this we offer simple body images and approaches so that everyone has access to Tango and that it is done in the pleasure of new sensations. We avoid making it too technical a dance.

We bring our students to Tango through its music, its dance and the Argentine culture, always evoking the ball (the milonga) and its "codes".

It seems fundamental to us that our students know the basic sequences of Argentine Tango and that they know how to improvise with these elements instead of reproducing useless choreographies that are generally impossible to place at a ball.

According to us Tango is like a language. It can be practiced with little vocabulary at the start. Then over time we learn the conjugations and the accent of this language as well as its identity and its own expressions.

In our bodily approach we use our in-depth knowledge of anatomy: Florencia was trained in the anatomy of the human body and Jérémy studied as a Masso-Physiotherapist.

But we place particular emphasis on the sensations to be explored and that we have developed in the ball over the years and in our different practices. Florencia is a certified yoga teacher and Jérémy is a former gymnast.

We try to bring our students to rediscover their own walk, to remain themselves in front of the other and to seek above all the pleasure of dancing .

In our teaching we talk about anchoring, connection, posture, embrace among other concepts.


The course generally consists of technical work relevant to the topic addressed, then work on a sequence. We then develop different possibilities of improvisation from the sequence. Finally, a time is given to the practice of the sequence by integrating it into the improvisation of the dance in ballroom conditions.


Sunday 26/05

2 p.m.-3 p.m.   WOMEN’S TECHNIQUE

3 p.m.-4:30 p.m.   MILONGA

4:30 p.m. -6 p.m.   VALS

The place:

Kim Kan Center

64 rue Orfila 75020 PARIS

Gambetta Metro

Tango CLASSES with Florencia Garcia and Jeremy Braitbart on May 26, 2024


The sports coupon : This is an aid worth €10, €15 or €20 to help finance a membership, a licence, a subscription, courses & sports courses within a club. Obtaining can be done by 3 different means depending on the parental job. Finally, these coupons are valid for 2 years from their date of issue, which is practical when moving .

Be that as it may, you can find an exhaustive article on Aids to Sports Practice (information, eligibility criteria, etc.) below: Aids to Sports Practice .

Also remember to ask your Works Council!!!

Some Works Councils may offer their employees participation in their leisure activities. Do not hesitate to ask them.

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