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Argentine Tango for
your business

Is your company, your Group or your Works Council looking for an activity that will surprise your members or your employees?

Are you looking for an idea for your Team Building? Introduce them to Argentine Tango. For an end-of-year seminar, for a day of team building, coaching around the Values of your company, to enrich your CE offer, ...
Preferred and decreasing rates on request. Contact us and we will organize an event that meets your challenges.

You can also offer your employees a financial contribution from your Works Council for our Weekly Tango Classes .


Introduction to Tango for your Works Council event

During your event, we invite you to offer your guests an Introduction to Argentine Tango .

During this animation our Tango teachers will make you discover this dance and its universe.

You will learn in 1 hour to let go and take your first steps in Tango. You can start improvising to the music with your partner and share the track with the other couples present.

Team High Five

Dancing is a good way to break down barriers between colleagues. Entering into physical contact makes it possible to meet and exchange other than through words.

In the Tango it is essentially a question of developing the connection to the other and mutual listening.

During our company workshops   we therefore use the qualities of this dance to create between your employees  a bond and a real listening between colleagues .

Playful moments through simple elements of Tango.


Tango demonstration for your event
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