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Tango Animations for your Event

5-8 p.m.





  • One or more Passages

  • One or More Couples

    of Professional Argentine Tango Dancers

  • With or Without Orchestra (from 2 musicians), with or without Singer

Additional Options:

  • Introduction to Argentine Tango

  • Argentinian sideboard

  • Conferences

  • In-company workshops

Tango and You Logo, Tango Demonstrations for Events

Thanks to the Argentine Tango add a touch of sensuality and elegance to your event.
We offer you different Tango Animations to best meet the conditions of your event.

Each Tango Animation is thought out and thought out with you: The sequence, the duration, the number of passages.

We intervene in Business   (Seminar, End of year party, ...) or for Individuals ( Wedding, EVJF , Birthday, ...)

The Animations offered are Tango Demonstrations with or without Orchestra, Tango Initiations, Tango Conferences, Tailor-made Tango Shows, an original and surprising number of Tango dans le Noir.

Florencia Garcia and Jérémy Braitbart , our couple of referent Dancers and our choreographers for all our events are recognized Tango Dancers, they have notably recently participated in the clip of Vincent Niclo "La Cumparsita" as well as in the clip of Plaza Francia (Ex Gotan project).
They attach great importance to traditional Tango while moving towards a certain modernity to make their Tango resolutely current.
Do not hesitate to consult the photos and videos of Florencia Garcia and Jérémy Braitbart present in our MEDIA section in order to present them to your customers.

An estimate will be established according to the Location, the Number of guests, the Type of event and the Formula chosen.


Tango demonstration for your event

Performed by a couple of professional dancers during your evening for one or more passages depending on your organization.
We can also offer you a Tango Orchestra, Several couples of Dancers, an Argentinian Caterer, a Demonstration of Argentinian Folklore .


Introduction to Tango for your event

During your evening we invite you to offer your guests an Introduction to Argentine Tango.
During this animation our Tango teachers will make you discover this dance and its universe.
You will learn to take your first Tango steps . You can start improvising to the music with your partner and share the track with the other couples present.


30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour

Conference on Tango.png

In the form of a mini show, our Speaker will tell you about the History of Tango.

It is a journey that is offered to you inside this vast Universe made of Music, Dance, Poetry and Argentine Culture.

The conference is accompanied by video projections which   will punctuate this moment.


Duration: 30min

Tango Show with a couple and an orchestra

Duration 1H

Tailor-made show

The duration
The Number of Dancers
The Number of Musicians
The Universe and the Atmosphere

Argentine Tango Number in the Dark

Only a few threads of light define the contours of the dancers for a poetic and enigmatic Tango.
A performance of Tango in Complete Darkness.

2 Formulas:
5 Minutes  or 10 Minutes

Démonstrations Event
Tango demonstration
Event tango
Couple of tango dancers
Stage tango
Tango entertainment
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