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Who are we?

Who are Vincent Niclo's Argentine Tango Dancers

Florencia Garcia

       Florencia Garcia est née à Buenos Aires en Argentine de parents argentins. She grew up in Buenos Aires Paris and Vincennes.

         En 2003 elle part en Argentine to study tango with great maestros.

        De retour à Paris en 2005 elle commence à travailler pour différentes associations de Argentine tango "Le temps du tango", "Tangoemoi Rouen" in France (Corsica, Matinique, Guadeloupe) and abroad (Philippines, Vietnam) . With the dancer René Bui, she founded an association " Le Colectivo " which has welcomed amateur dancers and the greatest professional Argentinian artists, dancers and musicians in Paris for more than 10 years. Together they dance in festivals (Tangoleron, Brittany, Meze, Bonifacio) and teach today in Paris, Amiens and Orléans. 

    Ellle collabore aussi avec Jérémy Braitbart. Après avoir travaillé ensemble pour l'association Todo Tango in Montargis they are opening a course in Vincennes at the Sorano space.

      Alongside her career as a dancer and teacher, she studies anatomy and develops body techniques such as yoga pilates and osteo-dance. Which leads him to think of the tango as much as a dance as a means of personal development. She sets up, in addition to her group and private lessons, coaching workshops in which she develops an approach linked to individual and collective well-being. Self-awareness, listening, empathy, style, posture, quality of presence, openness, relationship. She works with groups or in individual session on these themes using the tango as a vector of emotion and as a communication tool.

Jeremy Braitbart

  Jérémy Braitbart is first and foremost an actor. After studying as a physiotherapist and a past as a gymnast, he entered the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Paris where he trained in dramatic art.

    He then plays regularly in the theater both in the classical and contemporary repertoire as well as in the cinema or on television.

    During a shoot he encountered Argentine Tango. Very quickly fascinated by this dance, he left to train in Argentina with great maestros. He has since been called upon to work regularly as a dancer, choreographer and Argentine tango teacher, participating in workshops, shows, feature films and advertisements. This always in parallel with his acting activity.

   He directs La Compagnie Le Regard se Pose with which he creates the show " Errances en retour_cc794-debb35-1958190 136bad5cf58d_”, a work combining theater and Argentine tango, for which he signs the writing, the staging and the choreography.

   Il enseigne depuis de nombreuses années le tango argentin dans le cadre d'importantes associations. whether in Orleans, Tours, Blois, Montargis, Rennes, Le Havre, Caen or Brussels.

    Jérémy works regularly on stage with the  Tanguisimo and Tanguarda orchestras in France and abroad. He recently danced for Argentina's National Day on May 25, 2018 at the Arènes de Lutèce, danced in the show "De Otoño" with the Compagnie Argos, performed and danced in the show "Noces de Sang" by FG Llorca as part of the Festival Paris Suburbs Tango.

    He recently appeared alongside Fauve Hautot in the clip of the Plaza Francia group (Ex-Gotan Project).

    Jérémy  is also one of the organizers of the milonga La Dolce Vita, a bale foreigner recognized in Paris and abroad.  

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